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  Mus2 – User-friendly software from Turkey, for the notation   of makam music. Highly recommended!   TablEdit – Program for creating tablature for guitar and   other fretted, stringed instruments.   Capella – widely used, full-featured scorewriter.      
Welcome Mirësevini Dobrodošli Добре дошли Καλώς ήρθατε Добредојдовте Добродошли Hoşgeldiniz!
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Because of copyright restrictions applying to some of Balkanika’s content, access to the site is for members only. We are sorry for that, please find some open scores archives below. Membership is awarded by invitation only, to those who can make a significant contribution to the collection. is an online archive of music from the Balkans and Anatolia. It contains scanned material from a variety of sources as well as our own transcriptions and compositions. Balkanika was set up primarily to organise and safeguard our degrading collections of ancient photocopies, stencils, Eastern- bloc quality printings and handwritten manuscripts. This is an ongoing process; the archive is growing steadily. Because of possible copyright on scanned material, access is limited to (contributing) members. Last edited 08-01-17 Number of scores 2279 ©2010, 2014 MJvdM